Having competence conformation standard from German company DAKS and standard national organization and doing feasibility of all tests such as Alternator, DC Motors, lock, latch, wiper ,Ignition coil and Enameled wire according to standard obligations ISIRI ،PSA،KES ،MES،RENAULT ، FIAT   and so on with appearing equipment  and creditable manufactured  in European countries and also laboratories which cooperated with standard organization and Itrak and Saze Gostar laboratories in order to do tests as a secondary contractor and capturing conformation of all tests from units method of Sapco and Saze gostar. Stam Sanat Laboratory has fulfilled the ISIRI-ISO/IEC 17025 and is competent to carry out Calibration services according to accreditation scope for Power , Mass,Dimensions,Pressure,Temprature and Sound  


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